As a graphic designer and a photographer my medium varies widely. A quote that I read early on in my education, by Ansel Adams, has stuck with me over the years “Too many people merely do what they are told to do. The greatest satisfaction derives from the realization of your own individual potential, perceiving something in your own way and expressing it through adequate understanding of your tools. Take advantage of everything; be dominated by nothing except your own convictions.” This has inspired me in some of my toughest works. We are all taught in art school that there are rules. Rules of thirds, hierarchy, what can and cannot be done. I believe that the only way to come up with something truly extraordinary is to push the line between the world’s archetypes and my own ambitions. I fell into what I do. I’ve loved art since I was a child, never quite sure of what direction to take. I hand draw, photograph, digitally create and sometimes combine all three in unexpected ways. Many of my works are based on an underlying grid, where every element is aligned to another on the same canvas. I utilize type in a large amount of my work. I enjoy typography as an art form as well as a means of communication. I love to create original and unrepeatable letterforms, while also being fond of traditional, clean and classically designed type. The foundation of all my work, be it illustration, photography or video, is the belief that the end result should be a prodigy of the idea that gave birth to it. My style varies from contemporary to more rustic imagery. I’m also fond of mixing the two styles, juxtaposing clean and classical design with organic and chaotic forms. I believe that this can bring an unexpected energy to a piece and allows me to take on new work with the excitement of never quite knowing what will translate into a final project.
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